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    Communication Preferences

    Information on managing communication preferences for guests in RMS.

    In compliance with GDPR, guests must have the opportunity to specify what types of communication they receive, if any.

    Overall communication preferences can be set using the Marketing Opt Out field in RMS.

    Setting the 'Marketing Opt Out' field to 'Yes' opts this individual out of receiving any type of communication or marketing materials from the property.

    Setting 'Marketing Opt Out' to 'Yes' will also set all additional marketing opt out fields to 'Yes' to indicate this guest has opted out of all communication.

    The additional communication fields available in RMS include:

    • SMS Opt Out
    • Email Opt Out
    • Phone Opt Out
    • Post Opt Out
    • EDM Filter 1 (Customisable label)
    • EDM Filter 2 (Customisable label)
    • EDM Filter 3 (Customisable label)


    Labels can be customised in Setup > Property Options > Labels by the System Administrator.

    When the guest has 'Marketing Opt Out' set to 'No' they can define which communication methods they accept using these additional fields.


    Triggered Correspondence will check the SMS & Email Opt Out fields prior to sending correspondence and not send to any guests who have opted out of the Triggered Correspondence's delivery method.

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