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    Financial Revenue vs Operational Revenue

    The key differences between Accommodation Revenue types.

    What are the differences between Financial Revenue & Operational Revenue?

    The table below outlines the key differences for reporting purposes on the two types of revenue.

    Financial Revenue
    Operational Revenue
    Reports transactions from all account types in RMS. Only reports on transactions applied to reservation accounts.
    Reports on all General Ledger Account Codes. Only reports on General Ledger Account Codes setup to be included in Accommodation Revenue.
    Only reports on transactions physically posted to accounts. Includes projections based on system variables when no transaction exists on the account.
    Should be used to report on business revenue and taxes which can then be used to import into any accounting software. Can be used for statistical analysis and performance tracking on particular Rate Types, Booking Sources, Companies or Travel Agents during any specified period of time.
    Can be used by accountants to identify specific transactions. Would be used by Sales & Marketing.

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