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    Last Available Area in the Category

    Receiving a Quote Reservation after booking the last available Area in a Category in RMS.

    If only one Area remains available in a Category that is available for sale on an OTA and a reservation is created manually in RMS at the same time as a guest books online, the manually created reservation will take precedence.

    On these occassions, the Online Reservation will have no alternative Area to be placed in and will arrive as a Quote Reservation.

    The following scenarios can result in the above:

    • RMS User creating new reservations.
    • RMS User moving reservations or upgrading reservations.
    • Un-parking reservations.
    • Converting Pencil Reservations to True Reservations.

    To investigate these scenarios, go to Reports > Management > Reservations > Made/Modified and review changes made for the current date.


    RMS recommends setting all Categories available to RMS Online to have at least 1 Area held back as a fallback for these scenarios.

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