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    SMS Conversations

    Information on SMS Conversations using the Message Centre in RMS.

    SMS Conversations can be viewed in the Message Centre by selecting the envelope icon in the top toolbar of RMS 9+ next to the Username menu.

    SMS Conversations appear in the Message Centre on sending an SMS from the Correspondence tab of the Guest Profile or a Reservation as well as when sent directly from the Message Centre.

    Best Practice

    Due to limitations by SMS providers the Property Name cannot be displayed as the SMS Name when using 2-Way SMS in RMS. Using the Property Name prevents the ability for recipients to reply to the SMS.

    RMS recommends using the Property Name Merge Field as early as possible in the SMS Template to ensure recipients can easily identify the sender of the SMS. 

    Properties using 1-Way SMS can setup their Property Name as the SMS Name in RMS as no reply is expected.


    SMS Conversations will only be created for SMS sent from the In/Out Screen, Report Writer or Triggered Correspondence when a reply is received.

    To ensure International SMS reach their intended recipients, select the 'Country of Residence' on the Guest Profile.

    A notification alert will appear at the Message Centre icon when a reply is received.

    The reply will be shown in a grey speech bubble in the message thread.

    These SMS conversations are stored in the Correspondence tab of the Guest in the 'Conversations' section.

    SMS Conversations will also appear in the 'Conversations' section of the Correspondence tab on any reservations for this guest.

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