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    GDPR Configuration Options

    Information on available configuration options for GDPR in RMS.

    The following options are available in RMS when configuring GDPR:

    • Set 'Privacy Opt In' to Yes by default.
      All newly created guest profiles will have the Privacy Opt In field set to 'Yes'.
    • Make Privacy Opt In Read Only x Days after Departure.
      Prevents guests being able to opt out and anonymise their information prior to a pre-defined 'cooling off' period that can be used to retain credit card and guest information for incidentals, lost property, damages etc.
    • Retain Surname & Post Code for Banned List Guests.
      Guest profiles set to 'Yes' on the Banned List who opt out of the Privacy Policy and have their profile anonymised, will have their Surname and Post Code retained on file in RMS.
    • Auto Anonymise.
      Guest records will be automatically anonymised when the conditions are met and the pre-defined number of days has passed.

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