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    System Expiry Warning

    Information on the System Expiry warnings received when logging into RMS 9+.

    RMS will display a warning on login when the RMS license is due to expire in 7 days or less.


    These warnings will stop displaying if the RMS License Expiry is updated from the RMS Accounts Department.

    This warning will display to each user that logs in counting down each day until the RMS Licence has expired.

    Once the RMS Licence has expired a message will be displayed as shown below counting down until RMS becomes Read Only for all users.

    It is important to Contact RMS and make arrangements with the RMS Accounts Department as early as possible.

    These warnings are designed to assist RMS users with keeping up to date on their billing requirements.


    RMS will become read only for all users once the final countdown reaches 0 days.

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