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    Available Payment Gateways

    Payment Gateways available for connecting with RMS.

    Payment Gateways are an eCommerce application provided by merchant services to authorise and process credit card payments in a PCI compliant manner.

    Setting up RMS to connect with a Payment Gateway merchant account provides the ability to securely process payments or refunds directly from any account in RMS.

    Available Payment Gateways

    The following payment gateways are currently available for interface with RMS:


    The availability of specific Payment Gateway providers may be determined by your country of operation.

    Obtaining a Payment Gateway Account

    Prior to being able to process payments via a Payment Gateway in RMS, you will require an account with your chosen provider.

    To begin this process, first, contact your bank to enhance your merchant facility to be e-commerce enabled.

    Once your merchant facility has been enhanced for e-commerce, contact your chosen provider to sign up for an account.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I choose not to use a Payment Gateway?

    By selecting not to use a Payment Gateway with RMS, you will be required to accept the Terms & Conditions shown below.

    By storing credit card details in RMS you may not be complying with the PCI DSS requirements of the merchant agreement you hold with your bank. To enable a secure credit card storage and processing system which keeps you in line with PCI Compliance Standards outlined by PCISSC you will need to use a Payment Gateway.

    Can I use my existing merchant facility?

    You will require an 'eCommerce' merchant facility in order to utilise the tokenisation process and services of a Payment Gateway Provider.

    Conditions can vary depending on your geographical location and the Merchant Services department of your bank can assist you with further information.

    Can I perform a pre-authorisation or process a refund using a Payment Gateway?

    The ability to perform a pre-authorisation on a credit card depends on the Payment Gateway Provider used, however all providers currently interfacing with RMS allow the ability to perform a refund directly onto the card that the original transaction was processed on.

    Do Transaction Fees apply to all credit card payments?

    Transaction Fees instilled by the Payment Gateway Provider are only applicable to credit card payments processed via RMS, your standard merchant transaction fee processes can be utilised by manually processing a credit card using your EFTPOS terminal onsite.

    Can I still charge against the guest's credit card for unpaid incidentals or unreported damage to a room?


    Using a Payment Gateway you will have the ability to create a credit card token where the guest's card details will be securely stored using your Payment Gateway. Using the token you will be able to process payments against the credit card directly in RMS as required. RMS will then send the token and sale details to the Payment Gateway Provider for them to facilitate the payment.




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