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    Multi BAR Price Points

    Information on using Multi BAR price points in RMS.

    Multiple Best Available Rates is an option available in RMS to preset multiple price points for the Best Available Rate and toggle between them as needed.

    Multi BAR can be used to simplify seasonal rate setup and streamline ongoing rate adjustments.  A preset price point can be selected for any date range and changed as the needs of the business change.

    Price Points

    Multi BAR price points can be set in ascending or descending rate amounts based on whether the property has contracted to a Rack Rate or Best Available Rate.

    The table below demonstrates how price points could be set in RMS.

    Multi BAR Price Point
    PP1 (Rack Rate) $1,000
    PP2 $950
    PP3 $900
    PP4 $850
    PP5 $800
    PP6 $750
    PP7 $700
    PP8 $650
    PP9 $600
    PP10 $550

    Using the above example 'PP1' could be set as the BAR for as far in advance as the property accepts reservations and the other price points set as the BAR on upcoming dates where rate adjustments form part of the revenue management strategy.

    Using Multi BAR removes the need to apply individual rate overrides or manually set the rate at different periods. The BAR can be toggled to a different price point as needed.

    DAY M T W T F S S
    BAR PP10 PP7 PP7 PP5 PP1 PP1 PP3
    RATE $550 $700
    $800 $1,000
    $1,000 $900

    Assigning colours to each Multi BAR price point can provide a visual overview of rate fluctuations that have been set when viewing the Rate Manager Chart in RMS.

    DAY M T W T F S S
    BAR PP10 PP7 PP7 PP5 PP1 PP1 PP3
    RATE $550 $700
    $800 $1,000
    $1,000 $900

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