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    Available Modules in RMS

    Information on available extras for the RMS base subscription and activation information.

    Additional modules and service extras are available on top of the RMS base subscription.

    Some add on modules can be enabled by the System Administrator directly in RMS provided that RMS Accounts has previously been provided with Direct Debit information for the property.

    The modules and interfaces listed below incur additional subscription fees, those marked with an asterisk can be enabled by the System Administrator directly in the RMS 'Modules' screen. 

    All others must be purchased via the RMS Sales team.


    For pricing and subscription information, contact [email protected] or review the Module Pricing on our website.

    RMS Features

    • EDM - Digital Marketing
    • Event Management
    • Google Address Lookup * 
    • Owner Accounting
      • Trust Accounting
    • POS Lite / Stock Control
    • RMS Online
    • SMS - One Way *
    • SMS - Two Way *
    • Tour Desk

    Third Party

    Multi Function Interface

    • Door Locks
    • External POS
    • Internet Billing
    • Meal System
    • Movies
    • OrtoMate
    • PABX Controller
    • Spa One
    • ADRIA SCanner
    • ANPR

    Third Party

    • Public Service API
    • Boomgates
    • Docu Sign
    • Financial Interface
    • Kiosk Check In System
    • Revenue Management Interfaces

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