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    Area - Attribute Linking Import

    Information on the requirements for the Area Attribute Linking Import in RMS.

    Import Information

    • Areas & Attributes must exist in RMS prior to attempting this import.
    • The file to be imported must be in a comma delimited .csv format.
    • Microsoft Excel is able to save using a .csv  format that should match these requirements.
    • The fields within this file must not contain commas
    • RMS is able to determine whether the first record is a header record.

    Field Order

    Order Field Name Field Type Required Unique Max Charaters RMS Equivalent
    1 Area Alpha Numeric Y N 50 Exact Area Name (in RMS)
    2 Attribute Alpha Numeric Y N 50 Exact Attribute Name (in RMS)

    Sample File

    Attribute Linking.csv

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