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    Daily Cash Report

    Information on the Daily Cash Report in RMS.

    Report Summary

    Reports > Accounting > Daily Cash

    The Daily Cash Report identifies Receipts posted on accounts that are allocated to Charges posted on the same account.

    The allocations are reported by General Ledger Account Code and include the total Suspense Receipt movement for allocation against Charges for 7 days following the selected date.

    Report Details

    Paid Charges are total amounts grouped by the General Ledger Account Code of the paid charge and are shown as a total per date range for a seven day breakdown beginning on the date selected.

    For any Receipts that were not allocated to a charge, eg. Deposits or over payments, these are reported as Suspense Receipt.

    Receipts stay in Suspense until the date a Charge is posted to the account and Receipt Allocation occurs.

    On this report, Suspense is the total movement of money for the date reported and either increases or decreases the credit amount held.

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