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    Configure a Security Profile

    Setting up new Security Profiles for RMS users.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to Setup > Users > Security Profiles in RMS.
    2. Select 'Add'.
    3. Enter a Name for the profile.
    4. Configure the required access options.
    5. Save.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Setup > Users > Security Profiles and choose 'Add'.

    Enter a name for the new Security Profile.

    Expand each Function menu and configure the required access by toggling Yes/No against each function.


    Due to the variation of available options within each Function category it is advised to not simply 'Allow All' without further customisation as this could create conflicting access issues.

    Select 'Save' to create the profile.

    Navigate to the additional displayed tabs to remove access to any items not permitted for this Security Profile.

    Select 'Save/Exit' to store all changes made.

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