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    Use Repeat Charges

    When to use Repeat Charges in place of ordinary Rate Creation on reservations in RMS.

    What is a Repeat Charge

    A Repeat Charge is a charge that can be setup and customised to apply to an account on a recurring frequency for the value set. These can be setup for any number of scenarios and are most frequently used on Long Term Reservations for accommodation charges such as rent or letting fees.

    What is a Long Term Reservation

    A long term reservation in RMS is any reservation exceeding 60 nights.

    A reservation can be defined as long term when less than 60 nights, at any time when a method other than Rate Types will be used for accommodation charges.

    When to Use Repeat Charges

    • When a reservation exceeds the ordinary period of time for 'Short Stay'.
    • When individual contracts are negotiated with tenants or there are lease agreements.
    • When flexibility in price and frequency of posting to the account is required.

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