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    Use Groupings on General Ledger Account Codes

    Information on how to use Groupings for advanced reporting on GL Account Codes in RMS.

    Groupings can be setup and applied to a number of setup items in RMS to make reporting on multiple items within a group easier.

    For General Ledger Account Codes, Groupings can be useful for Financial Reporting and reviewing revenue for particular groups of revenue sources as a total, instead of viewing each revenue source individually and manually tallying.

    For example, each Category can have its own unique GL Account Code assigned to allow for reporting revenue streams against each accommodation type. Applying a Grouping of 'Accommodation' or 'Room Revenue' etc to each of these Category GL Account Codes then further allows for alternate reporting on the revenue from all the accommodation types both individually and as a collective.

    This same Grouping logic can be applied to the various GL Account Codes for other departments such as Food & Beverage. Each revenue stream of Food, Beverage etc can be reported on individually and then alternately reported on as the collective Grouping of Food & Beverage for overall Financial Reporting on revenue produced in that area.

    Many reports in RMS include GL Account Code Groupings on the displayed revenue breakdown including:

    • Management Cash/Charge Report
    • Management Income Summary Report
    • Management YTD Cash/Charge Report
    • Night Audit Report
    • Night Audit Flash Report
    • Night Audit Bill Revenue Breakdown Report

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