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    Information Passed Between Turu & RMS

    Information Sent & Received by RMS with a direct connection to Turu.

    The below tables detail what information will be passed between Turu and RMS when connected.

    Reservation Capabilities

    Element Passed in from Turu Available
    Single Reservation greentick.gif
    Group Reservations greentick.gif
    Modifications greentick.gif
    Cancellations greentick.gif
    Email Confirmations Confirmation emails sent by Turu.

    Information RMS Passes to Turu

    Information Details Available
    Live Availability
    (Including Allotments)
    Live Availability for the Property using any allotments set. greentick.gif
    Oversell Allotments Oversell Allotments set in the Control Panel to sell above the true number of Areas available in a Category. greentick.gif
    Days Before Release Number of days from Arrival Date to release inventory back to House Use from a Channel or Default Allotment set in RMS. greentick.gif
    Release Back Today Time of current date to rerelease inventory back to House Use from any Allotment set in RMS. greentick.gif
    Stop Sells Stop Sells applied in the Control Panel or on the Rate Manager Chart in RMS. greentick.gif
    Closed to Arrival Allows reservations to stay over this date but not arrive on this date. greentick.gif
    Closed to Departure Allows reservations to stay over this date but not depart on this date.
    Minimum Nights (Soft Close) Minimum length of stay for any date throughout the guest's stay. greentick.gif
    Minimum Nights (MLOS) Minimum length of stay set in the Rate Manager Chart. greentick.gif
    Maximum Nights Maximum length of stay set in the Rate Manager Chart. greentick.gif
    Rate Amount Nightly Rate from the Rate Manager Chart. greentick.gif
    Override Amount Any Manually Overridden Rate Amount set on the Rate Manager Chart. greentick.gif
    Person Base Number of persons included in the Base Rate. greentick.gif
    Additional Rates Rate for additional guests above what is included in the base rate. greentick.gif
    Rate Description Rate Type description in RMS. greentick.gif
    Currency  Property's Local Currency. greentick.gif

    Information Turu Provides for Reservations

    Turu Field RMS Field  Available
    Guest Surname Surname
    Guest Given Name Given
    Address Address1 greentick.gif
    Town/Suburb Town greentick.gif
    State State greentick.gif
    Postcode Postcode greentick.gif
    Country Country greentick.gif
    Phone Phone AH
    Email Email
    Adults Adults
    Children Children
    Infants Infants greentick.gif
    Arrive/Depart Arrival Date & Depart Date
    Category Category
    Booking Source Booking Source greentick.gif
    Travel Agent Online Agent
    Total Rate Total Rate for Stay
    Rate Type Description of Rate
    ETA OTA Notes
    Special Notes OTA Notes
    Number of Areas Booked Used to Create Group Reservations
    Unique ID from Third Party Provider  

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