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    Roll Back the Accounting Date

    Undoing accidental opening of a new Accounting Date in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following:

    1. Check the In/Out screen for the actual current date No Shows & Checked-out.
      1. Revert any incorrectly processed reservations before continuing.
    2. Generate a Cash Transactions Report for the current Accounting Date.
      1. Verify Receipts have been posted for the correct Accounting Date.
      2. Action any Receipts incorrectly posted.
    3. Generate a Management Charge Report.
      1. Verify all Charges have been posted for the correct Accounting Date.
      2. Action any Charges incorrectly posted.


    Rolling back the accounting date where transactions exist for the future date will corrupt the transaction data.

    1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Options in RMS.
    2. Navigate to the 'Options' tab.
    3. Select the correct Accounting Date.
    4. Save/Exit.
    5. Have all users log out of RMS.
    6. Advise the Manager or Accounting of the roll back.

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