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    Per Person Percentage Exclusive Tax

    Information on the Per Person Percentage Tax Type in RMS.

    The 'Per Person %' tax type is based on a combination of the Rate on the reservation and the number of guests.

    If the Per Night Rate Amount on the reservation is $100 with 2 Guests and the Per Person Tax is 5% then RMS would apply a tax transaction on the account when the rate is posted as  'Taxe de séjour $5'.

    Formula: ($100 / 2 = $50) x 5% = $2.50

    This Tax Type includes the option to set a Capped Amount for the Per Person tax which prevents the tax amount charged per person from exceeding the value entered per night's Rate.

    To accommodate regions requiring it, an additional tax calculated off an initial tax amount is also available.

    Continuing with the above example this additional tax of 25% would be calculated on the per person tax amount making the transactions on the account in RMS look like:

    RMS Reservation Account #1234
    25th January 2019 Accommodation (25-Jan-2019) € 100.00

    Taxe de séjour
    € 5.00

    Taxe légale € 0.62

    Formula: (€ 100 / 2 = € 50) x 5% = € 2.50 x 25% = 0.625

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