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    Scheduled Report Messages

    Information on Scheduler messages for the Message Centre in RMS.

    Users may receive a notification via the Message Centre in RMS asking them to reconfirm a Scheduled Report is still required.

    This message will appear in the 'Scheduler' section of the Message Centre and will only appear for the user who created the Scheduled Report.

    The Scheduled Report Name will be displayed as the Message Title.

    The Scheduled Report can be confirmed as 'Still Required' to continue sending the previously scheduled report with no changes.

    If the Scheduled Report is no longer required, select 'Deactivate' to disable any further sending of this report schedule.

    To make changes to the frequency or build options of this Scheduled Report, select 'Edit Schedule'.

    This will open the Edit Scheduled Report screen, any changes saved to the schedule on this screen will confirm the Scheduled Report as 'Still Required' and update the schedule based on the selections made.

    When no action is taken on the Scheduled Report or the message in the Message Centre after 7 days RMS will automatically set the Scheduled Report to inactive.

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