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    SagePay Functions

    Information on functions available when using SagePay (Hosted Payment) in RMS.

    CC Token - Reservation
    CC Token -  Guest Profile
    CC Token -  Company
    CC Token -  Travel Agent
    Pre-Auth Token - Reservation
    Receipt - CC Token
    Receipt - Card Details
    Consume Pre-Auth Token
    Reverse a Receipt
    Refund - Card Details
    Blind Refund
    Reverse a Refund



    Electronic payments processed with the card present using a connected device at the time of sale.


    All card transactions processed electronically via the Internet.

    This includes payments processed in RMS with a Credit Card Token or Card Details as well as payments processed via the RMS IBE and Guest Portal.

    Blind Refunds

    Blind Refunds permit users to refund any nominated value through the payment gateway to any available credit card token. The ability to perform a Blind Refund must be enabled in the payment gateway account prior to being enabled in RMS.

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