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    Revert a Reservation from Departed to Arrived Status

    Correct a reservation accidentally checked-out in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to the Reservation in RMS.
    2. Select the 'Unconfirm' button.
    3. Confirm 'Yes' to changing the Reservation Status.
    4. Select 'Check-in'.
    5. Confirm 'Yes' to Check-in this reservation.
    6. Confirm 'Yes' Check-in on Dirty Area.
    7. Decline 'No' to Change Arrival Date to Today.
      1. Update the Arrive Date to the original date if 'No' not selected on previous question.
    8. Save/Exit.


    If 'Yes' is selected on 'Change Arrival Date Today' question, a user with the Security Profile option 'Allow modify Arrival Date on Arrived Reservations' will need to amend the Arrival Date on the reservation back to it's original date.

    Visual Guide

    Go to the reservation in RMS.

    Select the 'Unconfirm' button.

    Confirm 'Yes' to changing the Reservation Status.

    Select 'Check-in' on the reservation screen.

    Select 'Yes' to confirm checking-in this reservation.

    Select 'Yes' to confirm checking into a dirty Area.

    Select 'No' to not alter the Arrival Date on the reservation.

    If 'Yes' was selected on the final question, the 'Arrival Date' will need to be modified back to the original date.

    Select 'Save/Exit' on the reservation.

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