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    Resend an Incomplete Form to the Guest Portal

    Returning an incomplete form received from the Guest Portal in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Side Menu Reservation Search in RMS.
    2. Enter the Reservation Number.
    3. Select 'Search'.
    4. Navigate to the 'Correspondence' tab.
    5. Select the 'Form'.
    6. Select 'Resend'.
    7. Enter a Message.
    8. Select 'Send'.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Side Menu Reservation Search in RMS.

    Enter the Reservation Number.

    Select 'Search' to go to the reservation.

    Navigate to the 'Correspondence' tab.

    Select the 'Form' from the displayed list of Form Letters.

    Select 'Resend'.

    Enter a Message to be sent to the guest along with the returned form.

    Select 'Send' to send the message and resend the form for further completion.

    The guest will receive the message from the Property and see 'Form To Be Completed' on their reservation in the Guest Portal.

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