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    Schedule Reports

    Scheduling a report from the report build screen in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Reports in RMS.
    2. Navigate to the chosen report.
    3. Choose the build options.
    4. Select 'Schedule'.
    5. Enter the Schedule Name.
    6. Set the schedule.
    7. Select the RMS users to send to.
    8. Save.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Reports in RMS.

    Navigate to the chosen report.

    Choose the required build options.

    Select the 'Schedule' button.

    Enter a Schedule Name.


    The Schedule Name will be used in the subject line of the received email, along with the Property.

    Select a start date and time to send as well as file format for the report.

    Select the schedule frequency to send the report.

    Choose which RMS users should receive this report.

    Scroll back to the top and choose 'Save' to create this Scheduled Report.

    Saved Scheduled Reports can be viewed, edited or deleted by going to Reports > Scheduled Reports in RMS.

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