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    Export Data from Report Writer

    Steps to export information using Report Writer in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Utilities > Report Writer in RMS.
    2. Perform a Search.
    3. Select 'Export'.
    4. Select 'Add'
    5. Enter a template name.
    6. Select a Target Field Category.
    7. Choose required Field.
    8. Select 'Add Field'
    9. Repeat Steps 6-8 as needed.
    10. Save.
    11. Export.
    12. Confirm Export.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Utilities > Report Writer in RMS.

    Perform a search and review the returned matches.

    Select 'Export'.

    Enter a name for the Export Template.

    Select a field category.

    Select a required field and choose 'Add Field' to include in the export list.

    Repeat until all required fields are on the export list.

    Select 'Save' and then choose 'Export'.

    Confirm column order and formatting options then choose 'Export'.

    A .csv will now download with the selected export fields and data from the returned search matches

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