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    Print Client Not Connected

    Login warning when no print client is detected in RMS.

    Users setup to use Smart Printing in RMS may encounter this warning on login if RMS is unable to communicate with the RMS Print Client. 

    The RMS Print Client should always be running on a Windows based PC on the same network as the printers being used.

    This warning indicates that the RMS Print Client may have stopped running or has been closed.

    To resolve, reopen the RMS Print Client on the computer it is setup on.

    To locate the RMS Print Client:

    • Select the Windows Start Menu and type 'Print Client'
    • Select the Print Client icon from the desktop
    • Search the list of Programs in the Windows Start Menu for 'RMS Print Client'


    Only one Print Client per network of printers is required.

    If uncertain which computer has the Print Client installed, check with the property's System Administrator.

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