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    Credit Card Token Refund

    Refunding to a Credit Card Token in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Accounting > Quick Account Access in RMS.
    2. Enter an Account Number.
    3. Select 'Go to Account'.
    4. Select 'Corrections' and choose 'Refund'.
    5. Select 'Credit Card (Payment Gateway)'.
    6. Select the Credit Card Token.
    7. Enter the Refund Amount.
    8. Process.


    Payment Gateway accounts enabled for Blind Refunds will not be required to select a Credit Card Token when refunding.

    The Refund Amount must be no greater than the Amount Available to Refund for the selected Credit Card Token.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Accounting > Quick Account Access in RMS.
    Enter an Account Number.
    Select 'Go to Account'.
    Select 'Corrections' and choose 'Refund'.
    Select 'Credit Card (Payment Gateway)'.
    Select the Credit Card Token.
    Enter the Refund Amount.
    Select 'Process' to initiate the Refund via the Payment Gateway.

    A Refund including the Payment Gateway Reference Number will be displayed on the account in RMS.

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