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    URL Request & Response for the Online API

    Information on the URL Request & Response for the RMS Online API

    The URL request returns the correct URL to use based on the data centre the RMS Client's database resides in.

    Using the correct URL is mandatory for getting the best performance out of the RMS Online API.

    RMSURLRQ requests should always be made to https://api.rms.com.au/rmsxml/rms_api.aspx

    Subsequent requests for client data should be made to the URL returned from this call.


    Client URL's may change, so the URL should be refreshed daily or weekly for each client to ensure optimal API performance.

    Request Elements

    Element Name Parent Element Element Description Attributes Required
    RMSUrlRQ   Root element.    Yes
    AgentId RMSUrlRQ Your specific Agent Id (supplied by RMS)   Yes
    RMSClientId RMSUrlRQ The RMS Client Id of the property being used.   Yes

    Example Request


    Response Elements

    Element Name Parent Element Element Description Attributes
    RMSUrlRS   Root element.   Version - document version of the response schema.
    RMSOnlineURL RMSUrlRS Element containing the URL to use for this Client  

    Example Response

    <RMSUrlRS Version="">  

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