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    RMS Online API

    Information on the RMS Online API.


    The RMS Online API is an open source developer's kit offered at no additional charge providing qualified web developers a rich two-way data feed that can be used to integrate into the property's website with the full range of functionality of the RMS Internet Booking Engine.

    Purchase of the RMS Online Module is required to utilise the Online API.


    The API will pass payment values to the reservation account in RMS but will need integration with a payment gateway if credit card information or payment processing is required.

    Additional Information

    The RMS Online API includes sufficient information to allow an experienced developer to integrate a property's website with the full range of functionality of the RMS Online Booking System.

    If the booking website requires the guest to make a payment during the booking process, the website developer must integrate with a payment gateway to facilitate online payments. The RMS Online API will accept a payment amount and token but will not accept raw credit card information or process payments on behalf of a website.

    If a payment token is required for further processing the website and RMS must be configured to use the same Payment Gateway account and the developer must pass the token information in the RMSBookingRQ.

    Click here for a list of RMS integrated payment gateways.


    Where a web developer requires assistance from RMS for a query that is answered in the available documentation a $50 consultation fee will apply.

    Technical Information

    The below technical information will be required by the web page developer to write to the RMS API Schema.


    • HTTPS Authentication is required for accessing this web service.
    • Contact RMS to obtain the username and password to pass into the HTTP headers of the HTTP request.
    • The RMS API is case sensitive. Ensure all elements are utilised with appropriate capitalisation.
    • All date formats should follow the format of yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss (E.g. 2016-12-25 18:00:00).
    • Property & Category details should be cached locally and only updated periodically for best performance.
    • Complete XML Requests must be supplied in the RMS API format for RMS Support to investigate on any enquiries made.


    Interface Protocol XML
    Transport Protocol HTTPS
    Transport Method HTTPS POST
    Authentication HTTP AUTHENTICATION
    Web Server IIS 7.0
    Minimum RMS Version RMS 9+ Live Version or above.
    HTTP Request Link Determined by Client Data Centre. Refer to URL Request & Response.

    Test Credentials for Developers

    Username: demoagent

    Password: aREbf2875khu*

    Agent Id: 73

    Client Id: 3038

    Sample HTTP Request

    POST /rmsxml/rms_api.aspx HTTP/1.1 HOST: api.rms.com.au content-type: application/xml authorization: Basic ZGVtb2FnZW50OmFSRWJmMjg3NWtodSo= content-length: 83 
    <RMSUrlRQ>  <AgentId>73</AgentId>  <RMSClientId>3038</RMSClientId> </RMSUrlRQ>

    Terms & Definitions

    Request Elements

    Term Definition
    Room Type Represents a Category Type in RMS
    NoOfRooms An amount of rooms to be booked within a particular Room Type.
    Charge Type Represents a Charge in RMS
    RMSClientId Client reference number given to all RMS properties.
    AgentId Represents the Agent Code setup against a Travel Agent in RMS.
    Additionals Represent any custom guest setup by the property in RMS. E.g. Pets
    Requirements Represents requirements which are setup in RMS and are either attached to a sundry amount or given a set amount per unit.  Requirements can be attached to a booking request.

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