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    Property Details Request & Response for the Online API

    Information on the Property Details Request & Response for the RMS Online API.

    The Property Details Request allows for calling property information including the property name, address and star rating as well as the Property's Terms & Conditions.


    Property Details Responses are primarily static data. RMS recommends caching this data locally for best performance.

    Request Elements

    Element Name Parent Element Element Description Attributes Required
    RMSPropertyRQ   Root Element Version - document version of the response schema Yes
    Requests RMSPropertyRQ Optional wrapping element for having multiple property requests in one call.   No
    Request Requests Optional wrapping element for having multiple property requests in one call.   No

    RMSPropertyRQ -or- Request

    The agent code of the RMS Agent enquiring.   Yes
    RMSClientId RMSPropertyRQ -or- Request The RMS ClientId of the property being searched.   Yes
    ReturnAllProperties RMSPropertyRQ -or- Request For multi-prop users. Returns all sub properties within an RMS setup.   No
    Test RMSPropertyRQ -or- Request Optional element.  If present, point to the test data for a property.   No
    IncludeDiscounts RMSPropertyRQ -or- Request
    Returns all Discounts added to the Property requested. True/False. No

    Example Request


    Example Request - Multiple Requests


    Response Elements

    Element Name Parent Element Element Description Attributes
    RMSPropertyRS   Root element Version - document version of the response schema
    Responses RMSPropertyRS Optional wrapping element for having multiple property responses in one call.  
    Response Responses Optional wrapping element for having multiple property responses in one call.  
    Properties RMSPropertyRS -or- Response Properties container  
    Property Properties Property element  
    RMSClientId Property The RMSClientId of the property being searched  
    SubPropertyId Property The identifier of the sub property  
    Name Property The name of the property  
    GAC Property Google analytics code  
    Manual Property RMS use only.  
    RMSVersion Property Property's RMS version  
    Beta Property RMS use only.  
    UseCategoryDefaultTimes Property If the property is using category default times. True/False element
    DateOfNow Property Date/Time of now for call  
    AllowGroupBookings Property   MaxGroupBookings = the maximum number of areas that can be booking in one online booking.
    MaxAdults Property    
    MaxChildren Property    
    MaxPets Property    
    PropertyDetails Property Specific details of the property  
    Description PropertyDetails Property long description  
    Features PropertyDetails Property features  
    Directions PropertyDetails Directions to property  
    Terms PropertyDetails Property terms & conditions  
    StarRating PropertyDetails The star rating of the property  
    StarRatingType PropertyDetails Whom it was rated by  
    Gateway PropertyDetails RMS use only.  
    MerchantName PropertyDetails Property merchant name  
    BusinessFacilities PropertyDetails Any facilities listed by the property  
    CarParking PropertyDetails Car parking details  
    CancellationPolicy PropertyDetails Property cancellation policy  
    PetPolicy PropertyDetails Property pet policy  
    MaxChildAge PropertyDetails Max age of children allowed  
    MaxInfantAge PropertyDetails Max age of infants allowed  
    ThingsToDo PropertyDetails Any local activities  
    ExtraGuests PropertyDetails Extra guest policies  
    DefArriveTime PropertyDetails Default time of arrival  
    DefDepartTime PropertyDetails Default time of departure  
    CurrencySymbol PropertyDetails Default currency symbol of the property  
    Currency PropertyDetails Default currency of the property  
    RedirectionURL PropertyDetails RMS use only.  
    Latitude PropertyDetails Property latitude  
    Longitude PropertyDetails Property Longitude  
    SmokingAllowed PropertyDetails Property smoking allowed  
    PetsAllowed PropertyDetails Property pets allowed  
    ChildrenAllowed PropertyDetails Property children allowed  
    MinAgeRequiredToBook PropertyDetails Property minimum age required to make an online booking  
    TaxExclusive PropertyDetails RMS use only.  
    ContactDetails Property Contains property contact details  
    Address1 ContactDetails Property address 1 field  
    Address2 ContactDetails Property address 2 field  
    State ContactDetails Property state field  
    Postcode ContactDetails Property postcode field  
    Country ContactDetails Property country field  
    Phone ContactDetails Property phone field  
    Fax ContactDetails Property fax field  
    Email ContactDetails Property email field  
    URL ContactDetails Property URL field  
    Images Property Contains location of property images  
    Image Images Specific property image path  
    Labels Property Contains any renamable labels of the property  
    Label Labels Contains the value to use in replacement of the type

    Type = The type of label including;








    Res Note



    ManditoryFields Property Contains fields that should be mandatory from guests in order to make a booking  
    BookingSource ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Town ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    State ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Postcode ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Country ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Addr1 ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Addr2 ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Phone ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Mobile ManditoryFields True/False manditory field  
    Deposits Property Contains the rules for booking deposit amounts  
    Currencies Property Contains the currencies accepted  
    Currency Currencies Currency accepted by the property.  
    ID Currency Currency identifier  
    Symbol Currency Currency Symbol  
    Name Currency Currency Name  
    Description Currency Currency long description  
    PaymentGateways Property Contains Payment Gatways setup for Property  
    ID PaymentGateways Gateway Enum

    0 = NotSet

    1 = eMatters

    2 = SagePay

    3 = XCharge

    4 = PaymentExpress (DPS)                      

    5 = TGate (BridgePay)                            

    6 = PayPal

    7 = RMS

    8 = HDFCBank                            

    9 = BrainTree

    10 = GKSolutions

    11 = CBA

    12 = Stripe

    Name PaymentGateways Gateway Description  
    BookingSources Property Contains booking source options for a booking  
    BookingSource BookingSources A specified booking source from the property  
    Id BookingSource Booking souce identifier  
    Name BookingSource The name of the booking source  
    Additionals Property Contains additional stay options such as pets etc.

    Id = Additional identifier E.g. <Additional Id="1">Pets</Additional>

    Additional Additionals The name of the specified additional E.g. <Additional Id="1">Pets</Additional>
    Attributes Property Contains attributes that can be assigned to room types  
    Attribute Attributes A room type attribute  
    Id Attribute Attribute identifier  
    Name Attribute The name of the attribute  
    Cards Property Contains all accepted cards from the property  
    Card Cards The name of the specified credit card E.g. <Card>Visa</Card>
    Requirements Property Contains requirements that can be added to a booking  
    Requirement Requirements The specified requirement  
    Id Requirement Requirement identifier  
    Name Requirement The name of the requirement  
    Quantity Requirement Quantity of the requirement  
    Sundry_Id Requirement The sundry identity that is assosiated to this requirement  
    Housekeeping_Requirement Requirement RMS use only.  
    Required_Daily Requirement RMS use only.  
    ChargeRequiredDaily Requirement RMS use only.  
    Note Requirement RMS use only.  
    Order Requirement RMS use only.  
    Tax Requirement RMS use only.  
    ExcludeAmountFromDeposit Requirement Should the Requirement Amount be Excluded from the Deposit Calculation  
    Amount Requirement The cost of this requirement, if added to the booking  
    Validations Requirement Contains validation rules for requirements that can be added to a booking  
    DateMadeFrom Validations Specific Date for Res Made From  
    DateMadeTo Validations Specific Date for Res Made To  
    ResCrossingFrom Validations Spepcific Date for Res Crossing From  
    ResCrossingTo Validations Specific Date for Res Crossing To  
    ArrivingOn Validations Day of the Week res must arrive on  
    Validations Requirement    
    Discounts Property Discount Name, ID, Description and Categories applicable to.
    ResTypes Property Contains Res types to add to a booking  
    ResType ResTypes The specified Res Type  
    Id ResType Res type identifier  
    Name ResType The name of the Res type  
    SubResTypes ResType Contains the Sub Res types to add to a booking  
    SubResType SubResTypes The specified Sub Res type  
    Id SubResType Sub res type identifier  
    Name SubResType The name of the Sub Res type  
    RVTypes Property Contains the RV Types to add to a booking  
    RVType RVTypes  

    E.g. <RVType Id="3" Name="Double decker" />

    RVLengths Property Contains the RV Lengths to add to a booking  
    RVLength RVLengths  

    E.g. <RVLength Id="1" Name="10&quot;" />

    SlideOuts Property Contains the SlidOuts to add to a booking  
    SlideOut SlideOuts  

    E.g. <SlideOut Id="0" Name="None" />
    <SlideOut Id="1" Name="Passenger" />
    <SlideOut Id="2" Name="Driver" />
    <SlideOut Id="3" Name="Driver And Passenger" />
           <SlideOut Id="4" Name="Rear" />

    Towings Property Contains the Towings to add to a booking  
    Towing Towing  

    E.g. <Towing Id="6" Description="Cargo Trailer" />

    Example Response

    <RMSPropertyRS Version="">
          <Name>Rachels Ritzy Resort</Name>
          <AllowGroupBookings MaxGroupBookings="10" />
            <Description>Rachel's Ritzy Resort is a class above the rest!!!</Description>
            <Directions>Travel Directions for guests.
    For easiest access to the property the best route to follow to arrive safely is the most direct route which comes in from the south, as this is the only route which provides road access, although many of you may wish to take the scenic alternative.</Directions>
            <Terms>AFTER-HOURS ARRIVALS 
    Reception hours are from 8am to 6pm daily. If you are arriving outside of these hours, please contact the lodge at least 24 hours prior to 2pm on your arrival date to arrange an after-hours key collection.
    The person who's name the room was booked under must be present and part of the travelling party staying at the lodge.
    If any room nights or additional charges are to be paid for by a third party, or anyone else other than the person who's name the booking was made under, the lodge must be notified more than 48 hours prior to 2pm on your arrival date.</Terms>
            <StarRatingType>Self Rated</StarRatingType>
            <CarParking>There is a charge for extra vehicles, daily parking and other space consuming devices which accompany travelers, except for those which are exempt from extra charges.</CarParking>
    <CancellationPolicy>CANCELLATION POLICY
    Cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours prior to 2pm on your arrival date. Any booking modifications, including date changes and/or a full cancellation of your booking made within 48 hours of 2pm on your arrival date will incur a charge of the first night booked. Any booking modifications requested after check in must occur at least 48 hours prior to the change taking place to avoid any charges.
    Failure to arrive at the property, on the booked check-in date, will be treated as a no-show and will incur the first night charge. Please note the remainder of the booking will be cancelled.
    <PetPolicy>Those pets which have returned from the taxidermist and now exhibit none of their former feral aromas or lifestyle are most welcome.  These beasts must be restrained at all times and are not allowed outside at any time without close attentive supervision. </PetPolicy>
            <ThingsToDo>Outlines things to do at the property.</ThingsToDo>
            <Address1>116 Harrick Road</Address1>
            <Address2>Keilor Park</Address2>
            <Phone>03 8399 9462</Phone>
            <Email>[email protected]</Email>
            <Image Caption="" DisplayOrder="1">https://bookings2.rms.com.au/rmsoimages/6880/rmswin/rmsonlineimages/00000088.jpg</Image>
            <Image Caption="" DisplayOrder="2">https://bookings2.rms.com.au/rmsoimages/6880/rmswin/rmsonlineimages/00000090.jpg</Image>
            <Label Type="Area">Area</Label>
            <Label Type="Infant">Infants</Label>
            <Label Type="RoomType">Room Type</Label>
            <Label Type="Tariff">Rate</Label>
            <Label Type="Guest">Guest</Label>
            <Label Type="Town">City</Label>
            <Label Type="Postcode">Post Code</Label>
            <Label Type="Notes">Booking Note</Label>
            <Label Type="Spare1">Spare1</Label>
            <Label Type="Spare11">Pre Auth</Label>
            <Label Type="lblClientSpare1">Parkbridge Id</Label>
            <Label Type="lblClientSpare13">Active +</Label>
             <Description>Australian Dollars (AUD)</Description>
              <Description>Great Britain Pounds (GBP)</Description>
              <Description>Euro (EUR)</Description>
            <Additional Id="1">Pets +</Additional>
              <Name>City View</Name>
              <Name>2 x King Beds</Name>
                  <Name>Farmer's Market</Name>
            <RVType Id="4" Name="Caravan" />
            <RVType Id="6" Name="Huge" />
            <RVLength Id="15" Name="&gt; 10&quot;" />
            <RVLength Id="4" Name="&gt; 15&quot;" />
            <SlideOut Id="0" Name="None" />
            <SlideOut Id="1" Name="Passenger" />
            <Towing Id="11" Description="Cargo Trailer" />
            <Towing Id="12" Description="Large SUV/Truck" />
            <RoomTypeGrouping Id="42" Description="House" />
          <Description>Online Special</Description>

    Example Response - Multiple Responses

    <RMSPropertyRS Version="">
              ... (extra information removed to save space)
              <Name>Mexican Shores</Name>
             ... (extra information removed to save space)

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