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    Net Promoter Score

    Information on the Net Promoter Score and the NPS Survey in RMS.

    The Net Promoter Score (NPS) provides a core measurement for customer experiences and insights to revenue growth opportunities for all manner of businesses globally.

    The NPS Survey and NPS Report in RMS provide a means to capture these guest metrics for each property.

    Benefits of NPS

    • Measure customer perception in key areas of your business.
    • Gain key insights from customers on each area of service.
    • Compare your Net Promoter Score with similar businesses in your region.
    • Develop strategies for revenue growth.
    • Identify areas of improvement within your business.
    • Create KPI targets to recognise and reward staff.
    • Open communication pathways with customers for feedback.

    Guest Categories

    Survey responders are grouped into the following categories.




    Scores of 9-10 are loyal enthusiasts who will return to using your goods or services and referring others to your business.

    Scores in this range will be highlighted green on the NPS Results Report.



    Scores of 7-8 are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers showing vulnerability to competitive offerings.

    Scores in this range will be highlighted yellow on the NPS Results Report.



    Scores 0-6 are unhappy customers who could damage your brand and impede growth through negative word of mouth, social media, review websites etc.

    Scores in this range will be highlighted red on the NPS Results Report.


    Net Promoter Score

    The calculation for your Net Promoter Score is the number of Promoters less the number Detracters divided by the number of completed Surveys, multiplied by 100.

    Net Promoter Score ranges from -100 (every responder scores as a Detractor) to 100 (every responder is a Promoter).



    Net Promoter Score Calculation:
    # of Promoters - # of Detractors ÷ Completed Surveys × 100.

    60 Promoters - 25 Detractors ÷ 100 Surveys = 0.35 x 100 = Net Promoter Score 35

    Score Guidelines

    The following score guidelines can be used when reviewing the NPS Survey Results for the property.


    Score Result
    9 - 10 Excellent
    7 - 8 Good, may be room for improvement.
    0 - 6 Room for improvement.

    The exception to the above is the Value for Money score.

    High ranging Value for Money scores can indicate that pricing is set too low for the Category and it's services and facilities provided.

    Contrarily, the lower Value for Money scores can indicate that guests consider the pricing too high for the Category and it's services and facilities provided.

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