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    Long Term Reservations

    Information on the 'Long Term' option on Reservations in RMS.

    Long Term Reservations

    Reservations are considered Long Term and should have the Long Term field set to 'Yes' when the following criteria is met:

    • The reservation exceeds 60 days or nights.
    • A Repeat Charge or Periodic Charge is being used for the accommodation charges.

    Setting a Reservation to Long Term

    When a reservation is set to Long Term, the following occurs in RMS:

    • Rates do not post to the Reservation Account.
    • No Quoted Rate or Rate Projection occurs for Operational Revenue.
    • The Repeat Charge or Periodic Charge is used for Accommodation Revenue Projection in Operational Revenue.
    • Reservation will be included in reporting data under 'Long Term Reservations'.

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