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    RMS IBE Notifications

    Setup notifications for RMS Online in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to Setup > Online Bookings > Online Options in RMS.
    2. Navigate to the 'Notifications' tab.  
    3. Enter Name & Email for 3 Reservation Confirmation Contacts.
    4. Select if Category Manager to receive notifications.
    5. Select if allocated Area should display on reservation confirmation emails.
    6. Enter a URL to direct to after payment processing complete.
    7. Enter custom text for availability responses.
    8. Save/Exit.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Setup > Online Bookings > Online Options in RMS.

    Navigate to the 'Notifications' tab.

    Enter the name and email address of three additional contacts to receive Reservation Confirmation emails.


    Reservation Confirmation contacts will be stored in the RMS Client Database in addition to the contact set by the System Administrator on Property Setup.

    Select the checkbox if the assigned Category Manager should also receive a Reservation Confirmation email.

    Select the checkbox if the allocated Area should be included in the sent Reservation Confirmation email.

    Enter a URL for guests to be redirected to once the online booking process has completed.

    Enter a custom message to be sent for either Facility or Quote Reservation.

    Select 'Save/Exit' to store the changes made.

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