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    Housekeeping Task Hierarchy

    Information on the various areas Housekeeping Tasks can be applied and how they interact in RMS.

    Housekeeping Tasks

    Housekeeping Tasks are the tasks that will be performed by a housekeeper or housekeeping service at the Property. They can include anything performed by the Housekeeping Department across the property.

    System Housekeeping Tasks include Pre-Arrival Check and Departure Clean.

    Applying Housekeeping Tasks

    Housekeeping Tasks can be applied in the following areas of RMS:

    • Property
    • Category
    • Area
    • Rate Type
    • Derived Rate Type

    Housekeeping Task Setup

    Housekeeping Tasks should be setup at the highest possible level, eg. Property Level. Any Categories or Rate Types requiring alternate Housekeeping Tasks to this default can then be setup at the individual Category or Rate Type level.

    Best Practice

    RMS recommends for optimal setup and simpler maintenance that Housekeeping Tasks are setup at the highest possible level.

    If each Category requires different Housekeeping Tasks and no setup is shared then the highest possible level in this scenario would be Category Level.

    Rate Type Housekeeping Tasks should be reserved for occurrences where a specific Rate Type includes different Housekeeping Tasks to those setup on the Property or Category. Eg. an Eco Rate where no Daily Service is provided.

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