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    Reset Housekeeping Schedules

    Updating existing reservations with changes to Housekeeping Task setup in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to Tools > Reset Housekeeping Schedules in RMS.
    2. Select the required Reset Option.
    3. Optional: Select the checkbox 'Exclude Arrived Reservations'.
    4. Optional: Select the checkbox 'Reset Bed Configurations'.
    5. Select 'Create Schedules'.
    6. Select 'Yes' to confirm.


    Reset Housekeeping Schedules is a tool designed to update existing reservations with any changes to the allocated Housekeeping Tasks. 

    Changes that require a reset to be applied to existing reservations include :

    - Changing the setup of allocated Housekeeping Tasks

    - Changing the frequency of an existing Housekeeping Task

    - Changing the Bed Configuration

    - Changing the Linen associated to a Bed Configuration

    Reset Options

    Select 'All current and future reservations' if the allocation change was made on the Property Setup.

    Select 'Specific Category' and choose the Category if the allocation change was made on the Category Setup.

    Select 'Specific Area' and choose the Area if the allocation change was made on the Area Setup.

    For changes made to Rate Type specific Housekeeping Tasks, select the option above to suit the Rate Type's availability.

    Select 'Exclude Arrived Reservations' to keep Housekeeping Tasks as is on currently in-house guests.

    Select 'Reset Bed Congifurations' if any changes to Bed Config were made in setup.


    Resetting the Housekeeping Schedules will set all existing reservations to the default Housekeeping Tasks removing any manually allocated or altered Housekeeping Tasks on a reservation.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Tools > Reset Housekeeping Schedules in RMS.

    Select the required Reset Option.

    Optional: Select the checkbox 'Exclude Arrived Reservations'.

    Optional: Select the checkbox 'Reset Bed Configurations'.

    Select 'Create Schedules'.

    Select 'Yes' to confirm.

    All Housekeeping Tasks assigned to reservations within the selected criteria will be reset to the new default setup.

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