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    Reset Housekeeping Schedules

    Resetting the Housekeeping Tasks applied to all reservations in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following:

    1. Go to Tools > Reset Housekeeping Schedules in RMS.
    2. Select a Property if applicable.
    3. Choose 'All Current & Future Reservations'.
    4. Select 'Exclude Arrived Reservations' if required.
    5. Select 'Create Schedules'.
    6. Confirm.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Tools > Reset Housekeeping Schedules in RMS.

    If applicable, select a Property.

    Choose 'All Current & Future Reservations'.

    Select 'Exclude Arrived Reservations' to keep Housekeeping Tasks the same on currently in-house reservations.

    Choose 'Create Schedules'.

    Read the warning and confirm 'Yes' to proceed.

    Click 'Ok' on the complete message.

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