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    Guest Portal

    Setup the Guest Portal available in RMS.

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    The Guest Portal can be used by guests to manage their reservations, make payments, update their contact information, complete registration prior to their arrival at the property or check-in and out of the property.

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    • Activate
    • Guests & Reservations
    • Payments
    • Pre Check-in
    • Check-in / Check-out
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    The Guest Portal must be enabled before being available for use and can be customised to fit the property's brand.

    Below are the activation and customisation options available for the Guest Portal.

    Guests & Reservations

    Guest access and options within the guest portal can be customised and include the ability to create new reservations, view existing reservations, make payments or update contact information.

    Below are the Guest Profile & Reservation options available for the Guest Portal.


    Payments can be accepted through the Guest Portal for properties configured with a payment gateway in RMS.

    Below are the Accounting & Payment options available in the Guest Portal.

    Pre Check-in

    Pre Check-in provides guests the ability to register their information, complete any payments and submit any documents or completed forms prior to their arrival at the property.

    Pre Check-in can be used to support an Express Check-in Service minimising the time guests spend at the front desk on arrival or as part of a complete Self Check-in.

    Below are the options for activating Pre Check-in as well as recommended setup to support the Pre Check-in process.

    Check-in / Check-out
    Self Check-in and Self Check-out are options that can be enabled for guests in the Guest Portal.

    These methods of check-in and check-out are ideal for properties who wish to eliminate guest attendance at a front desk or who already provide remote access to the property on arrival through key lockboxes or digital passcodes.

    Below are the options for enabling Self Check-in and/or Self Check-out as well as recommended setup to support the process.

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