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    Guest Portal Options

    Information on the options available to configure for the Guest Portal in RMS.

    The following options are available for configuration in RMS to customise the property's  Guest Portal.

    • General Options
      Allow guests to create new reservations, cancel existing, see their past, present or future reservation as well as contact the property.

    • Advanced Reservation Options
      Customise visible Reservation Detail fields, allow guests to change their ETA and specify the window of time or choose to use Category Display Names in place of Category Short Description within the Guest Portal.

    • Guest Profile Options
      Allow guests to view their information on file or modify and update their details. Enable guests to enter details for additional guests and whether mandatory fields apply.

    • Alternate Login
      Choose to use an alternate login requesting the Given, Surname and Departure Date of the reservation instead of the traditional combination of Reservation Number and Email, Surname or Mobile.

    • Messaging
      Enable the messaging service available directly in RMS 9+ and the Guest Portal for quick and easy communication between the guests and the property.

    • Guest Portal Terms & Conditions
      Setup Terms & Conditions applicable specifically to the Guest Portal, these can differ from those set on the Property, Category or in Online Options.

    • Header Customisation
      Include or exclude the property logo, greeting, property email address and choose what additional information will be available from Online Options.

    • Self Check-in &/or Check-out
      Enable guests to self check-in and/or out, what payment is required along with deposits if applicable. Include Area Assigning if using Book by Category and enable a digital registration signature within the Guest Portal for self check-in. Tailor a check-out disclaimer to advise guests self checking-out of any additional requirements.

    • Advanced Accounting Options
      Choose which Reservation Account Types are included on the displayed Remaining Balance in the Guest Portal as well as whether to display the Deposit Required. Configure if guests can make payments via the Guest Portal if connected to a Payment Gateway in RMS.

      Choose if guests can see their Account Balance and if a Tax Breakdown is included on the rate when setup as Tax Inclusive.

    • Guest Preferences
      Setup, configure and enable a variety of preference options guests can choose when managing their own reservation in the Guest Portal.

    • Branding
      Change the colours, logos and images to blend in with the RMS IBE or property website for a uniform online presence.

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