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    Use Source Travel Agent

    Information on using the Source Travel Agent in RMS.

    Connecting to third party distributors via the RMS Channel Manager provides the option on setup 'Use Source Travel Agent'.

    This option will result in delivered reservations from these third parties listing the original Online Travel Agent in the Travel Agent field on the reservation instead of the Distributor as the Travel Agent. 

    The below table demonstrates how the Source Agent applies in RMS.

    Site Booking Made Delivered to RMS by RMS Travel Agent Field
    Using Source Travel Agent
    RMS Travel Agent Field
    Not Using Source Travel Agent
    Agoda Siteminder HTNG Agoda Siteminder HTNG
    Booking.com TravelClick HTNG Booking.com TravelClick HTNG
    Expedia Netroomz Expedia Netroomz

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