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    Group Elements into a Box

    Grouping elements together using the campaign editor in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to EDM > Create Campaign in RMS.
    2. Select 'Add'.
    3. Drag the 'Box' element into place.
    4. Drag the elements for grouping inside the Box element.
    5. Give the group a name and save for re-using.
    6. Continue creating the campaign.

    Visual Guide

    Go to EDM > Create Campaign in RMS.

    Select 'Add' to create a new campaign.

    Drag the 'Box' element into the required place in the editor.

    Drag the elements to be grouped inside the Box element in the editor.

    To re-use this group of elements later, in the 'Content' tab give the complex element a name and choose 'Save'.

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