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    Create a Requirement

    Setting up Requirements in RMS.

    Steps Required

    Have your System Administrator complete the following.

    1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Requirements in RMS.
    2. Select 'Add'.
    3. Enter the Requirement Description.
    4. Enter a Code.
    5. Select Requirement Options.
    6. Choose a Sundry Charge.
    7. Select Amount to Charge.
    8. Save/Exit.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Setup > Accounting > Requirements in RMS.

    Select 'Add' to create a new Requirement.

    Enter the Requirement description.

    Enter a Code.

    Select if this Requirement must be completed the same day as it is applied to a reservation, if it should appear on the Housekeepers Report is a Daily Requirement or if this is a Guest Requirement.

    Choose a Sundry Charge.

    Select Amount to Charge.

    Select 'Save/Exit' to store the changes made.

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