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    View Existing Restrictions in the Control Panel

    Viewing existing restrictions using the Control Panel in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Go to Charts > Rate Manager in RMS.
    2. Select 'Control Panel'.
    3. Choose 'Use Date Filter' for a specific date range.
      1. Select a Date Range.
    4. Select a Restriction Type.
    5. Select a Channel.
    6. Select a Category.
    7. Select a Rate Type or Rate Type Grouping.
    8. Select 'Search'.


    Select as many or as few Filters as required to complete the search.

    The Control Panel will not display any existing restrictions until a search is performed.

    Visual Guide

    Go to Charts > Rate Manager in RMS.

    Select 'Control Panel'.

    Select 'Use Date Filter' and select a Date Range to view Restrictions within a specific period.

    Select a Restriction Type.

    Select a Channel.

    Select a Category.

    Select a Rate Type or Rate Type Grouping.

    Select 'Search'.

    The Control Panel will now display any existing restrictions that match the search filters selected.

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