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    Sharing Inventory to Multiple Online Channels

    Information and best practices for sharing inventory across multiple channels in RMS.

    Sharing the same Areas (inventory) with multiple Online Travel Agents can work well for most operations with the right contingencies setup in RMS.

    When a Property in RMS has very limited inventory, eg. 2 Areas in a Category, not using the contingencies available in RMS becomes even higher risk.

    Advertising the only two Areas available in a Category to multiple Online Travel Agents without Holding Back '1' from RMS Online at the Category creates the possibility of both Areas being booked on multiple sites at the same time.

    Best Practice

    RMS always recommends setting the 'Hold Back from Online' option on a Category to at least 1 as a fallback option for scenarios where the same available Area is booked at the same time on different sites.

    Unless the Property has a Category of equal value and accommodation that is not being advertised online and are able to use that as the fallback instead, not holding back anything from online and sharing the availability of the only two Areas to multiple Online Travel Agents at the same time invites overbooking.


    Nominating to advertise all available Areas to all connected channels is at the discretion of the Property. 

    RMS provides a number of tools that can be utilitised to manage and control inventory advertised across all connected online channels, the use of which is at the discretion of the Property.

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