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    Airbnb Listing Requirements

    Information on listing requirements & statuses for connecting to Airbnb from RMS.

    The following information will ensure that the property's listing on Airbnb is compatible for connection to Airbnb from RMS.


    Co-owned listing are not supported with the Airbnb & RMS connection.

    Minimum Listing Content

    • Listing Title
      Must contain at least 8 characters.
    • Listing Descriptions
      Must contain atleast 50 characters.
    • Photos
      At least 7 photos, including 3 high resolution images. (800x500 pixels).
    • Amenities
      At least 5 amenities included in the property's listing.


    Connecting to Airbnb from RMS with a listing that does not meet the above criteria will be auto-rejected by Airbnb and display a '403' error in the Channel Logs in RMS.

    Additional Information

    • Rate Table 'Person Base' must match Airbnb listing's 'Number of Guests'.
    • Rate Table 'Max Allowed Additionals' must also match Airbnb listing's 'Number of Guests'.
    • Special Offers for new Airbnb listings are not supported in the RMS connection.
    • Airbnb rejects Rate updates from RMS that are higher or lower than the Rate Range setup on the Airbnb listing.

    Listing Statuses

    Viewing the Property listings in Airbnb will include two listing statuses.

    The Publish Status indicates whether or not this Property listing is live on Airbnb and can be categorised as one of three.

    Publish Status

        In Progress - Listing creation process incomplete, cannot be published, not available for booking

    Unlisted - Listing creation process complete, not published, not available for booking

    Listed - Listing creation process complete, published, available for booking

    Sync Status

    If no Property listings have been connected to RMS the heading Sync Status will not appear on the listings page in Airbnb.



    Minimum Listing Requirements Not Met

    Unable to progress to review stage, Update listing on extranet to meet minimum requirements then resave channel mapping in RMS.

    No data synced

    RMS updates will return  error_code:"403"

    Pending Review by Airbnb

    Manual approval process may take up to 3 business days to complete

    No data synced

    RMS updates will return error_code:"400"  until Airbnb completes review process

    Rejected by Airbnb after Review

    Listing rejected during manual approval process despite meeting minimum listing requirements. Contact Airbnb to discuss what changes they require, action accordingly on the extranet, then resave channel mapping in RMS.

    No data synced

    RMS updates will return  error_code:"403"

    Approved by Airbnb

    Connected to RMS

    Rates & availability synced


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