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    Refund to an Existing Credit Card Token

    Performing refunds to existing Credit Card Tokens.

    Steps Required

    1. Open the Account in RMS.
    2. Cancel any Tax Invoices and Void Charges to release funds on the account.
    3. Right click the Credit Card Receipt and choose Refund.
    4. Select 'Existing Token' as the Refund Type.
    5. Specify the Refund amount and choose Process.
    6. Repeat for each Credit Card Receipt requiring a refund.

    Visual Guide

    Open the account in RMS.

    Cancel any Tax Invoices and Void any charges the Credit Card receipts have been allocated to.

    Right click a Credit Card receipt and choose 'Refund'.

    Select 'Existing Token' as the Refund Type.

     Specify the refund amount and choose 'Process'.

    Repeat the above steps to refund each required Credit Card receipt on the account.

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