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    Perform a Charge Transfer

    Transferring individual charges between accounts in RMS.

    Steps Required

    1. Open the Account in RMS.
    2. Go to the Transfer menu and select 'Charge Transfer'
    3. Select the charges to transfer.
    4. Choose the destination account.
    5. Confirm.


    Users will required the Security Profile option 'Xfer' under the Accounting Function.

    Visual Guide

    Open the account in RMS.

    Go to the 'Transfer' menu and choose 'Charge Transfer'.

    Select the charges to be transferred.

    Select the destination account for the selected charges.

    Select 'Transfer' and confirm the transfer details are correct.

    Using the 'Show/Hide Voided Transactions' on the origin account, the transfer void will be displayed.

    The destination account will include the transferred charges and a comment indicating the origin account.

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